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    Tips for keeping your home safe this holiday season

    Tips for keeping your home safe this holiday season

    Many people intend to travel throughout the holiday season. According to AAA, more than 50 million individuals will travel more than 50 miles for Thanksgiving this year.

    With this in mind, experts propose certain home security methods to keep both burglars and the elements out.

    Before leaving the residence, Duke Energy recommends sealing all nooks and crannies.

    “One of the quickest energy-saving jobs you can perform is to caulk, seal, and weather-strip all of the seams, cracks, and visible openings to the outside.” “And this can potentially save you 10 to 20% on your heating and cooling rates,” said Duke Energy Lead Communications Manager Logan Kureczka.

    Kureczka also advised turning down the heat and unplugging equipment when not in use.

    “If you’re going to leave, perhaps for vacation or the holidays,” Kureczka explained. “So, really, bring it down as low as you’re prepared to go.”

    Greenville Police Chief Ted Sauls advised residents to double-check that all doors and windows are securely fastened, keeping out both the elements and intruders.

    “Doors, windows, and automobiles. Make sure they’re locked. “The most basic thing that we think of sometimes in terms of locking doors and windows and our vehicles, people fail to do,” Sauls added.

    Sauls also advised against leaving packages on the doorstep because it indicates that no one is at home.

    “A big, big priority is making sure items aren’t dropped off and left unattended,” Sauls added. “Then you’re not inviting someone looking to do anything wrong to simply go up and grab your stuff.”

    He also recommends that people inform their neighbors about their vacation, including when they will depart and return.

    “If you don’t know your neighbors, it’s a fantastic opportunity to meet your neighbors and kind of look after each other’s property.” “Because I know better than anyone what you drive, and you know what I drive, and who should and should not be there,” Sauls explained.

    Sauls advises people to practice “target hardening.”

    “So, make it hard, and I like to call it “target hardening”; if you make it uninviting to the criminal element, then most of what you’re going to encounter over the holiday season should be avoided,” Sauls said.

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