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    The holidays are arrived! Are you ready?

    The holidays are arrived! Are you ready?

    The holiday season is associated with delectable food and quality time spent with family. Unfortunately, some of us think of the holidays as a time when we have to do a lot of dishes, stay busy, and host parties. The holidays are a great time to celebrate! Don’t let the tasks of entertaining and cleaning keep you from having a good time.

    Keep track of your duties using this list. If possible, get everyone in the family to participate.

    Don’t postpone it. You do not need to devote four or six hours to the task. Clean your house in small chunks throughout the next few days to distribute the workload.

    Engage everyone in the family, including older children.

    Start with the entryways, foyer, and central closet area to make room for guest coats.

    The next day, set aside some time to clean the toilets, passageways, and sitting areas.

    After that, clean your visitors’ bedrooms and any other areas they may visit.
    A microfiber cloth and a mophead should be purchased.

    After-Holiday Cleaning

    It’s the holiday season, so there’ll be plenty of opportunities to spend time with family and friends. However, once the visitors have gone, there is a lot of housekeeping to do. With these simple Christmas cleaning tips, you can give your home a new lease on life in time for the new year – or perhaps just your next party!

    Remove any undesired items. Good intentions are important, but don’t let them contribute to your post-holiday clutter. If guests insist on bringing a gift, choose something tasty that everyone will love. Return any unwanted gifts. If possible, consider giving such products to a charity of your choosing. The holiday cleaning will be a lot easier without that extra stuff.

    Examine the holiday cards you received in the mail and write down who sent them to you. This can be used as a thank-you list or the start of your Christmas card list for the next year. The photographs can then be clipped from the lovely cards, threaded, and used as free gift tags. Throw the unwanted ones in the recycle bin, and you’ll be well on your way to cleaning up after the party.

    Make the guest room look presentable. Wash your bedsheets in warm or hot water with a capful of white vinegar to keep them fresh. While the sheets are drying, thoroughly clean the mattress with the upholstery attachment of your vacuum, giving special attention to the seams. Replace the sheets and fluff the cushions to make your next guests feel welcome.

    When it’s time to take down the Christmas lights, one simple technique will save you time the next year: Wrap light strings around a piece of cardboard or a paper towel tube to keep them neat and easy to unravel for the next season. This also keeps you from being the neighbor with string lights put up outdoors on Valentine’s Day.

    When does your waste service collect Christmas trees? Find out this information so that you can put your tree at the curb at the right time for it to be picked up. Cleaning up after your party will be much easier if you don’t have to worry about pine needles getting everywhere.

    How to Get Your Home Ready for Holiday Visitors

    Guests and the holiday season go together. Occasionally, unexpected visitors emerge. It’s all part of the thrill and joy of the holiday season. Molly Maid is ready to help you prepare your home quickly for unexpected visitors like family members, acquaintances, or neighbors.

    Everyone must help! Assign cleaning and decluttering responsibilities to the entire family in the kitchen. High-traffic, conspicuous areas should be prioritized.

    Keep nibbles on hand because it’s the holidays. What a treat to have cookie dough on hand for baking! Fresh-baked cookies and their beautiful aroma are incredibly appealing.

    Make sure the family looks presentable. Who needs to buy a new shirt? Who has a smudge on their pants? Who’s still in their PJs? Nobody expects you to dress up for a drop-in, but a cap or a ponytail holder can help clean up your hair!

    In the background, put on some Christmas music.

    We’re almost done. Finally, proceed rapidly through the home. Do the restrooms have fresh hand towels and toilet paper? Is there any debris or tripping hazards in the halls, such as children’s toys? Is your coffee table in good condition? Carry a laundry basket with you to quickly collect stray objects, then keep the container in a closet for future use. Finally, double-check those cookies before answering the door!

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