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    Some Effective Methods for Cleaning Stained Grout

    Some Effective Methods for Cleaning Stained Grout

    Using simple household items, elbow grease, and some tried-and-true strategies, you’ll be able to clean the area between your tiles no matter how dirty it is.

    1. Scrub filthy grout with warm water and a medium-bristle brush.
    If you don’t already have a grout scrubber, most home improvement and hardware stores sell a variety of items developed expressly for cleaning tile grout. To avoid harming the grout, use a medium-bristle nylon brush rather than a hard steel one. Simply spray warm water on the grout lines and scrape in a circular motion, then let it dry. Don’t use too much water or leave it on the grout for too long. Remember that porous cement grouts absorb water, which might lead to mildew.

    2. Spray the grout with an equal mixture of vinegar and warm water.
    If you know your grout has been sealed but it has gathered heavy dirt or light stains, resort to vinegar, that trusted old household staple. Fill a spray bottle halfway with vinegar and warm water. Spray the mixture over the grout, wait 5 minutes, and then scrape the surface with a firm brush. Avoid using vinegar on unsealed grout.

    3. Apply a baking soda paste and then spritz with vinegar.
    Cleaning the grout with baking soda can add even more power to the party. Here’s what you need to do: Cover grout lines with a baking soda and water mixture, then spray with the aforementioned vinegar solution (remember, only apply vinegar if the grout has been sealed). Once the liquid has stopped foaming, scrub with a brush, rinse with plain water, and wipe dry. If the grout is unsealed or needs resealing, use only the baking soda solution and scrape gently.

    4. Apply hydrogen peroxide.
    Moderate stains may necessitate the use of hydrogen peroxide, which is widely available at drugstores. You can use the product on its own or as part of a homemade grout-cleaning paste made with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. This mixture is generally safe for both sealed and unsealed grout.

    5. Apply oxygen bleach and leave it to stand for up to 15 minutes.
    Use oxygen bleach as a grout cleaner for harder stains on dirty white grout. This cleanser is most commonly found in powder form; popular brands include OxiClean and Biokleen Oxygen Bleach Plus.

    Before using oxygen bleach to clean grout, make sure the space is sufficiently aired, and then carefully read and follow the manufacturer’s application instructions. Allow the oxygen bleach solution to soak in for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing. Always rinse with clean water and then wipe the area dry to prevent debris from settling into the grout lines.

    6. Use a commercial grout stain remover.
    Using one of the top grout cleaners on the market could make quick work of eliminating mold and mildew and restoring sparkling white grout lines. These products function in one of two ways: (1) spray and wipe; or (2) scrub with a brush. Spray-on products claim to work without scrubbing. Although they save time and energy, they may contain stronger acids, solvents, or chlorine bleach.

    Scouring with a soft brush and cleaner requires some effort, but it can be very effective on floors and badly stained grout. Before you start using one of these products, carefully study the active ingredients and follow the instructions, including the safety precautions.

    7. Steam-clean the most stubborn grout stains.
    The best steam mops are efficient and environmentally friendly tools for cleaning grout—or any other hard surface in the house. Steam cleaners for home use are manufactured by Bissell, Oreck, and Hoover.

    Grout Upkeep
    Once you’ve finished cleaning your grout, spray it with vinegar or a mild grout cleaner and wipe it down once a week to keep it stain-free. Mold and mildew can also be prevented by wiping the grout with rubbing alcohol. In any case, a few spritzes and wipes once a week can save you a lot of time and effort while also preserving the appealing appearance of your tiled surfaces.

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