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    5 reasons to get your carpets cleaned before the holidays

    5 reasons to get your carpets cleaned before the holidays

    In a few weeks, Christmas will have crept up on us once more, and the family will be eager to gather at your house, eager to unwrap gifts, have a Christmas dinner, and curl up in front of the television. So, this year, why not go the extra mile to guarantee that your family is in a clean, fresh, and comfortable environment? Here are five reasons why your carpets should be professionally cleaned before the holidays.

    1. A pet and child-safe environment

    When a carpet gets dirty, believe it or not, the appearance is the least of your worries. Dust-mites, germs, and bacteria multiply as soil and dust levels rise.

    While these little house guests are normally unnoticeable to the human eye, they can be quite deadly to you, your pets, and your children. These little demons are particularly bothersome for allergy sufferers and those suffering from illnesses like asthma. Dust-mites can lay up to 80 eggs at a time, so keep their preferred filthy environment as clean as possible to keep them out.

    2. clean and odorless carpets

    When we host Christmas, we want the family to feel at ease and at home. When the carpet is clean, soft, and smells pleasant, this is much easier to achieve. You can vacuum frequently, but over time, carpets can collect scents from dirt, spills, and, yes, feet.

    The smell of wet feet on Christmas Day just doesn’t compare to the anticipation of fresh mince pies and mistletoe, which brings us to reason three…

    3. A clean environment literally makes one feel better.

    As Christmas approaches, so does the family, who is filled with Christmas spirit. Without a doubt, when we think of Christmas, we picture ourselves sitting in a warm, cozy setting, soaking in the perfume of the Christmas tree and candles that surround us. We don’t imagine ourselves sitting on a drab, dark, and unclean carpet that smells like wet feet.

    A tidy home has the same influence on employee morale and productivity as a clean workplace. Family members may relax and feel at peace if their feet are resting on a bright, spongey carpet, rather than seeking for an excuse to leave early and grumble about the quality of your carpet on the way home.

    4. Carpets that are more durable

    Carpets are not cheap, as most of us can attest. They are, in fact, rather expensive, which is reason enough to want to maximize your investment and make your carpets last longer.

    The vacuum does not pick up all of the dirt when you use it. Much dirt is tracked into the carpet, where it becomes trapped among the strands and is out of reach of the vacuum. This dirt immediately solidifies, forming a thick grit layer beneath the carpet’s surface. This results in not just a darker, duller appearance, but also damage. The dirt grinds away at the deep fibers of the carpet as it is trampled on, creating matting and thinning of the carpet’s fibers. As a result, having your carpets cleaned professionally every 12-18 months is a good idea.

    5. Removes stains and blemishes from holiday photos

    Spills happen, especially when there are children and/or dogs in the house. And, while most spills are simple to clean up, there is the occasional stain that will not go away. It doesn’t matter if it’s red wine, coffee, blackcurrant, or something worse; it won’t look nice in the Christmas photos shot while the kids open their toys.

    Store-bought stain removal procedures, as you’ve probably discovered, aren’t always as successful as they appear. A competent specialist, on the other hand, can use a thorough carpet cleaning method and specialized carpet cleaning equipment to quickly remove even the most persistent stains.

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